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fishing lake simcoe One of the most fulfilling activities for many people is spring crappie fishing. This is the time of year that my son has a huge interest in going fishing with Dad. Cabin fever has been prevalent for several months and as the ice lifts off the local waters and temperatures start to rise, the ever-so-active crappie nears spawning time. As spring draws near crappie move toward their spawning areas. Read More

fishing lake simcoe Many crappie fishermen hang up their rods during the cold winter months, winterize their boats and sit back patiently waiting for spring. On the other hand, a lot of successful fishermen continue to fish for crappie all winter long, and for good reason: finding crappie in the winter can be easier than it is in the spring and summer.
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fishing lake simcoe Walleye fishing secrets for weed beds include using baits that will put more and bigger fish on your hook. Weed beds are perfect hiding spots for Walleye, and knowing which baits and presentations work best can really help boost your walleye fishing success rate. During the daytime one of the best techniques to use for weed beds is to troll slowly using a live bait rig, with a fat crawler or an active leech attached. Read More
fishing lake simcoe During the summer months, the vegetation is in full bloom. It causes havoc with the boats and fishing these weed beds can be very frustrating. I have noticed a big drop-off in fisherman coming out to fish during this time. Most anglers are discouraged when they see all this thick vegetation and don't come back to the lake until fall when the vegetation has tapered off. Read More


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